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X-VENTURE Uncharted Wilds 09: These Mortal Coils
Price S$10.50
Product SKU 9789815095432
Brand Mountain Top Studio 山顶工作室
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
Availability 28
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  • Enabling Acumen Via Comics

  • Quiz Included

  • Survivial Tips Not Found in Any Textbook.

  • Enduring the Wilderness 101.

  • When the Crisis Strike!

  • Hone Your Endurance!

  • Sharpen Your Wits!

  • Cool Comics!

  • Survivial Special!

  • Quiz Query!

Where in the World Did They Take Chuck?!


Held prisoner in a secret syndicate laboratory and tasked with synthesising the perfect poison, poor Leon becomes a pawn in a gruesome game! However, where he goes, Jason is sure to follow, except that this time he may have met his match! Caught up in a conspiracy so cruel, and facing a dangerous and defining dilemma, how will Jason and Leon put aside their differences and save the day?!

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