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X-VENTURE Chronicles of the Dragon Trail II Series 12: The Apocalypse Dawn • Hydra
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Brand Clay 林诗敏
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
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  • Insightful, Entertaining, Inspiring.

  • Embark On An Epic Quest!

  • Read Up On Fanstastic Lore!

  • Pit Your Wits, Be The Best!

When Evil Rears Its Ugly Head, What Form Will Good Take To Give Battle?


With the magic concealing the realm of Fan-Tsi undone, the world is swept up in a tide of magical monsters, the likes of which have never been seen! Not since Kriemhild's emergence have The Seekers faced a more dire threat to all they hold dear! With the many-headed Hydra lurking offshore and Dar'Wyn's arcane abomination loose in the realm, the end seems nigh! What role will the reawakened dragons have to play? Will our heroes find deliverance as THE APOCALYPSE DAWNS?!

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