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X-VENTURE Unchartered Wilds 11: Domain Of Teeth
Price S$10.50
Product SKU 9789815156560
Brand Mountain Top Studio 山顶工作室
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 1 cm x 21 cm
Availability 10
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  • Enabling Acumen Via Comics

  • Quiz Included

  • Survivial Tips Not Found in Any Textbook.

  • Enduring the Wilderness 101.

  • When the Crisis Strike! Hone Your Endurance! Sharpen Your Wits!

  • Cool Comics!

  • Survivial Special!

  • Quiz Query!

They Thought It Was Over. It's Not. It's Just Beginning!

Uniting with the Golden Crane Clan and the Blue Sharks, the Guara Gang thought their plan was foolproof. Until they get the full proof of Owen's plan! Undone by a Pack pretender, they are spared a poisonous plight by Jason and Naoko in the nick of time! Rather than receiving the lion's share of their thanks, Jason soon finds himself alone in the king of beasts' domain! Here comes the cavalry, but nay, the rotund river horses do not bring hope. They bring teeth!

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